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Data for the preprint "Intra and inter-annual climatic conditions have stronger effect than grazing intensity on root growth of permanent grasslands.", by Catherine Picon-Cochard, Nathalie Vassal, Raphaël Martin, Damien Herfurth, Priscilla Note, Frédérique Louault

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VariableDetailyearyear of measurementdatedate of measurementsblockName of the blocktreatmentName of treatments: Ab: abandomnent; Cattle-: low stocking rate; Cattle+: high stocking rateIDPlot replicateRootGrowthRoot growth (g m-2 day-1)SoilTSoil temperature (°C)RSWCRelative soil water contentP-PETAridity index (mm)BNPPAnnual root production (g m-2 y-1)ANPPAnnual above-ground production (g m-2 y-1) RootShootRoot to shoot ratioNNINitrogen Nutrition Index (%)DiamRoot diameter (mm)SRLSpecific Root Length (m g-1)RTDRoot Tissue Density (g cm-3)SRASpecific Root Area (m2 g-1)% 0-0.1 mmPercentage of length in the class diameter 0-0.1mm; ; % 0.1-0.2 mmPercentage of length in the class diameter 0.1-0.2mm; ; % 0.2-0.3 mmPercentage of length in the class diameter 0.2-0.3 mm% > 0.3 mmPercentage of length in the class diameter > 0.3 mmCWM_HeightCommunity-weighted mean (CWM) of plant height (cm)CWM_SLACommunity-weighted mean (CWM) of Specific Leaf Area (cm2 g-1)CWM_LDMCCommunity-weighted mean (CWM) of leaf dry matter (g g-1)RootMassStock of root dry matter (g m-2)


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