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D2.1 Financial Use Case: Initial Requirements and Scenario Definitions


Deliverable D2.1 reports on the results of the requirements’ collection for INFORE’s Financial use case and INFORE’s user scenarios for forecasting price swings, systemic risk prediction and decision support for investment opportunities. In particular, extracting actionable insights from the markets’ behavior, spotting profitable investments based on trading instruments’ volatility and seasonal price patterns, as well as the in-depth analysis of market risk are the use case scenarios from the INFORE Description of Work (DoW - see WP2), which are studied at a deeper level through the expert user interviews. Derived from the expert interviews, this deliverable details the role of players who interact with the financial applications. Furthermore, individual user scenarios and their specific requirements and interactions with INFORE are summarized. On top of this, the deliverable provides preconditions for the data streams to be processed by INFORE and the algorithms to be applied to price swing prediction, risk calculation, and detection of investment opportunities.


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