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Published August 25, 2020 | Version 1.2-2020-08-25b
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Attribution and Publication Principles for N3C (National Covid Cohort Collaborative)



The N3C is more than simply a data enclave; it is also a collaborative research community committed to the rapid generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge for the public good, and to the advancement of COVID-19 science. 

Purpose: This document provides guidelines and approaches that all users within the N3C research community uphold, and it addresses attribution and publication principles with regard to N3C Community dissemination of research. Here, we define publication and attribution principles that apply to N3C analysis reports, data, resources, abstracts, presentations, preprints, and publications arising from the use of content in N3C Enclave. This document will be reviewed and updated regularly as N3C evolves, but at least annually by the N3C Governance Workstream and modified or recertified as deemed necessary. 

Overview: These guidelines are intended to enable the following: 

  • A transparent and collaborative environment within the N3C where all contributions are acknowledged; 
  • Promote provenance and reproducibility of COVID-19 research; 
  • Sharing research results with N3C users as soon as they are mature enough; 
  • Support opportunities to publish in high-impact journals; and 
  • Clarify attribution expectations for all N3C artifacts, specifically publications. 

Attribution Guidelines: The N3C community is dedicated to the goal of collaboration and rapid knowledge generation and dissemination to help combat COVID-19. 



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