Published April 28, 2020 | Version 1
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Eyebright species maintenance (scripts and data accompanying Becher et al., Plant Communications)

  • 1. University of Edinburgh
  • 2. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • 3. Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland


This gzipped TAR ball contains data and scripts related to the study on Fair Isle eyebrights by Hannes Becher, Max R. Brown, Gavin Powell, Chris Metherell, Nick J. Riddiford, and Alex D. Twyford, submitted to Plant Communications.

Data: genome assembly of Euphrasia arctica, variant call files of the "tetraploid" and "conserved" sets of scaffolds, per-individual k-mer spectra, mapping depths, etc.

Scripts: R scripts for the analysis of plant trait data, heterozygosity, ect.; an ipython notebook for the analysis of variant data, and a Mathematica notebook with the derivation of the formulae used to fit pop gen parameters to k-mer spectra.


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Hybridization and the origin of novel taxa in Euphrasia NE/L011336/1
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Ecological speciation and host adaptation in a parasitic plant NE/R010609/1
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Evolutionary consequences of facultative plant parasitism NE/N006739/1
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