Published April 8, 2020 | Version v2
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Teaching Covid-19's Impact on Business

  • 1. Coppead Graduate School of Business: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BR


These are challenging times. The Covid pandemic 19 is a black swan (Taleb, 2007) that has forced us to stay at home and face different aspects of life and society that were previously unnoticed. But in every crisis, lies great opportunity. This special call for papers seeks to promote learning at such a difficult time. The idea is to create teaching cases that develop learning and discussion in class about how the world and businesses can react to profound changes. The scientific community has assembled spaces for discussion on how this crisis affects teaching and business (see for example, the PRIME website), but we need long lasting resources for teaching how to manage future crisis to come. Good quality teaching cases can serve as unique resources for this goal. With impacts in areas as diverse as logistics, marketing, strategy or finance, the possibilities are many for the development of memorable teaching cases.


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