Published April 7, 2020 | Version v1
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Higher Education & Research in Africa – the stakeholders

  • 1. Access 2 Perspectives & AfricArXiv, Germany
  • 2. ORCID & AfricArXiv, South Africa
  • 3. University of Sussex, TReND in Africa, African Science Literacy Network (ASLN) and Science Communication Hub Nigeria (SciComNigeria), UK
  • 4. Pint of Science & AfricArXiv, Kenya
  • 5. The Technical University of Kenya & AfricArXiv, Kenya
  • 6. Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa), Access 2 Perspectives & AfricArXiv, Kenya


List of stakeholders and research-related institutions in Africa and abroad. The list is continuously being updated and displayed at

Correspondence: (JH, JO, NK) 


The list contains stakeholders and practitioners in Higher Education and [Open] Science on the African continent. We herewith want to encourage closer collaboration between African and non-African institutions and visualize existing ones to encourage more of that.

Listed stakeholders include:

  • African research institutions and academies

  • Institutions that work towards research and HE capacity building in Africa

  • Non-academic institutions that work closely with universities and research institutions in Africa

Universities have not been added to the list. We are aware that several lists on African universities already exist and seek to collaborate to add those to future versions of this dataset.

To suggest changes and additions to this dataset please enter directly to the Google Form at


An interactive map of the stakeholders in this list can be viewed at 



HE_&_Research_in_Africa_stakeholders_(CC0_public_domain) - Stakeholders.csv

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