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Codes for "Primal–dual proximal splitting and generalized conjugation in non-smooth non-convex optimization"

  • 1. University Duisburg-Essen
  • 2. Masaryk University§
  • 3. University of Helsinki



GPDPS is a Julia package that provides the reference implementation of the generalized primal-dual proximal splitting approach described in the paper "Primal-dual proximal splitting and generalized conjugation in non-smooth non-convex optimization" by Christian Clason, Stanislav Mazurenko, and Tuomo Valkonen.


To use the provided test codes (compatible with Julia version 1.0-1.2, tested on macOS and Linux x86_64):

  • start Julia from this directory with julia --project=. (or with the relative path to the GPDPS.jl directory from somewhere else)
  • do ]instantiate to download all dependencies (only required the first time, make sure you go back to standard Julia prompt with backspace afterwards)
  • (highly recommended: using Revise so you can make changes in the code without having to restart Julia; if not install, start julia (without --project) and ]add Revise)
  • load the package with using GPDPS

To run the example for the elliptic Nash equilibrium problem:

  • do test_enep(N), where N controls the discretization (number of nodes per coordinate, default N=128)

To run the example for the Huber-Potts segmentation model:

  • do test_potts(alpha,gamma,keyword=value), where keyword is one or more of the following (comma separated, order insensitive, may be removed before submission) with default value if omitted:

  • image: test image; default is "blobs" (size 256x254), other images in .tif format can be specified by file name if placed in the img folder

  • isotropic: use isotropic (value true, default) or anisotropic (value `false)` Potts model

  • maxit: maximum number of iterations (default 500000)

If alpha or gamma are not specified, the default values 1 and 1e-3 are used.

Possible issues:

  • on macOS, it may also be required to ]add QuartzImageIO if it is not included in the default environment.


This code can also be found at


If you find this code useful, you can cite the paper as

    author = {Clason, Christian and Mazurenko, Stanislav and Valkonen, Tuomo},
    title = {Primal-dual proximal splitting and generalized conjugation in non-smooth non-convex optimization},
    year = {2019},
    eprinttype = {arxiv},
    eprint = {1901.02746},


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Journal article: 10.1007/s00245-020-09676-1 (DOI)
Preprint: arXiv:1901.02746 (arXiv)


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