Published January 14, 2020 | Version v1
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The Pushshift Telegram Dataset

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  • 2. Max Planck Institute
  • 3. Elon University
  • 4. Binghamton University


The Pushshift Telegram Dataset

The dataset consists of three files:

Accounts.ndjson: Provides data for 2.2M Telegram users that were active in the channels we crawled.

Channels.ndjson: Provides data for 28K Telegram channels that we crawled.

Messages.ndjson: Provides data for 317M Telegram messages that were posted by 2.2M Telegram users in 28K Telegram channels.

Each file is a newline delimited json (ndjson) file that includes a json object with the data for each account/channel/message. The format of each object is according to the Telethon API (, which is a Python interface for Telegram's API.


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