Published November 15, 2019 | Version v1
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Dependent Type Systems as Macros

  • 1. Northeastern University
  • 2. University of British Columbia


We present Turnstile+, a high-level, macros-based metaDSL for building dependently typed languages.  
With it, programmers may rapidly prototype and iterate on the design of new dependently typed features and extensions.  
Or they may create entirely new DSLs whose dependent type ``power'' is tailored to a specific domain.  
Our framework's support of language-oriented programming also makes it suitable for experimenting with systems of interacting components, e.g., a proof assistant and its companion DSLs.  
This paper explains the implementation details of Turnstile+, as well as how it may be used to create a wide-variety of dependently typed languages, from a lightweight one with indexed types, to a full spectrum proof assistant, complete with a tactic system and extensions for features like sized types and SMT interaction.


We acknowledge the support of the NSERC grant RGPIN-2019-04207, and NSF grants 1823244 and 1518844. Cette recherche a été financée par le CRSNG, numéro de référence RGPIN-2019-04207.


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SHF: Large: Gradual Typing Across the Spectrum 1518844
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