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Surface nuclear magnetic resonance survey in Lexington, NE 29 March 2010

  • 1. Montana Tech


This is a surface nuclear magnetic resonance dataset collected on 29 March 2010 in Lexington NE, USA.

Instrument: Vista Clara, GMR

Static magnetic field: 53,761 nT

B field Inclination: 68.0 (NOAA derived) 

B field declination: 0 (the transmitter loop is aligned along magnetic north within compass accuracy)

Transmitter loop type: 100 m square loop

Pulse type: FID, 40 ms

Transmitter channel: Ch. 1

Reference Channels: Ch. 2 and Ch. 3

Conductivity model: TEM derived

                              Top (m)     Bottom (m)      Thickness (m)            Resistivity (Ohm m)

           Layer 1          0.00             15.49               15.49                          16.91

           Layer 2         15.49            43.67                28.18                          24.06

           Layer 3         43.67             inf                     inf                             33.23

The dataset had 18 stacks, but stack 1 is corrupted and not included.


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  • Irons, T.P., Hobza, C.M., Steele, G.V., Abraham, J.D., Cannia, J.C., Woodward, D.D., 2012, Quantification of aquifer properties with surface nuclear magnetic resonance in the Platte River valley, central Nebraska, using a novel inversion method: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2012–5189, 50 p.