Published September 3, 2019 | Version v1
Dataset Open

14-day smartphone ambulatory assessment of depression symptoms and mood dynamics in a general population sample: comparison with the PHQ-9 depression screening

  • 1. Freie Universität Berlin
  • 2. University of Kassel


This dataset contains 14 days of ambulatory assessment (AA) depression symptoms and mood ratings with timestamps, a retrospective Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) assessment and the demographic variables age and gender.

The AA was conducted with users of the mobile mental health / depression screening app "Moodpath". ICD-10 depression symptoms were assessed with the following questions:

ICD-10 symptom 1: "depressed mood"
q1 = Are you feeling depressed?
q2 = Are you feeling hopeless?

ICD-10 symptom 2: "loss of interest and enjoyment"
q3 = Do you feel like you are not interested in anything right now?
q4 = Do you have less pleasure in doing things you usually enjoy?

ICD-10 symptom 3: "increased fatigability"
q5 = Do you currently have considerably less energy? 
q6 = Are your everyday tasks making you very tired currently?

ICD-10 symptom 4: "reduced concentration and attention"
q11 = Is it hard for you to make decisions currently? 
q12 = Is it hard for you to concentrate currently?

ICD-10 symptom 5: "reduced self-esteem and self-confidence"
q7 = Is your self-confidence clearly lower than usual?
q8 = Are you feeling up to your tasks?  

ICD-10 symptom 6: "ideas of guilt and unworthiness"
q9 = Are you blaming yourself currently? 
q10 = Do you think you are worth less than others right now?

ICD-10 symptom 7: "bleak and pessimistic views of the future"
q46 = Are you thinking that you will be doing well in the future? 
q47 = Are you looking hopefully into the future?

ICD-10 symptom 8: "ideas or acts of self-harm or suicide"
q16 = Are you thinking about death more often than usual? 

ICD-10 symptom 9: "disturbed sleep"
q13 = Did you sleep badly last night? 

ICD-10 symptom 10: "diminished appetite"
q14 = Do you have less or no appetite today? 



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