Published August 21, 2019 | Version v1
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Seq (OOPSLA 2019 Artifact)


This is the artifact submitted alongside the Seq paper to OOPSLA 2019, which consists of a VM containing an alpha build of Seq, as well as a usage guide.

Seq is a programming language for computational genomics and bioinformatics. With a Python-compatible syntax and a host of domain-specific features and optimizations, Seq makes writing high-performance genomics software as easy as writing Python code, and achieves performance comparable to (and in many cases better than) C/C++.


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XPS: FULL: DSD: Scalable High Performance with Halide and Simit Domain Specific Languages 1533753
National Science Foundation
Compressive genomics for large omics data sets: Algorithms applications & tools 1R01GM108348-01
National Institutes of Health