Published May 13, 2019 | Version 1.0
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The potential of low-cost UAVs and open-source photogrammetry software for high-resolution monitoring of alpine glaciers: A case study from the Kanderfirn (Swiss Alps)

  • 1. Institute of Geography, University of Bern
  • 2. Institute of Geography, University of Bern
  • 3. Chair for Strategic LanChair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management,Technical University of Munich
  • 4. Institute of Geography, University of Augsburg


This dataset contains high-resolution orthophotos (5 x 5 cm) and digital surface models (25 x 25 cm) of the Kandernfirn Glacier located in the Swiss Alps. Aerial images were aquired with a self-developed fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle during ten surveys on five different days in 2017 and 2018. The open-source photogrammetry software OpenDroneMap (version 0.4.1) was used for image processing.

The orthophotos and digital surface models were validated through dGNSS point measurements of ground control points. Please refer to the corresponding paper for information on the horizontal and vertical accuracy of the files.



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  • Groos et al. (2019). The Potential of Low-Cost UAVs and Open-Source Photogrammetry Software for High-Resolution Monitoring of Alpine Glaciers: A Case Study from the Kanderfirn (Swiss Alps).