Published May 6, 2019 | Version v1
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NIH3T3_point_locations for RNA seqFISH+ experiments

  • 1. California Institute of Technology


These source data consist of the point locations of individual decoded mRNA dots in seqFISH+ experiments on NIH/3T3 cells. DAPI_experiment folder contains the DAPI stainings with other beads images. ROIs_experiment folders are the manual segmentation performed in ImageJ. We only performed segmentation on the whole single cells. In seqFISH+_NIH3T3_point_locations zip folder, there are 3 matlab files . One is gene name file, the other two files are point locations for replicate 1 and 2 seqFISH+ experiments in NIH/3T3 cells. The columns of the data represent field of view(FOV), Cell , and Gene. For example : FOV1 , Cell 5, Gene : Bgn to retrieve the point locations. 


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  • Eng, C.-H. L. et al. Transcriptome-scale super-resolved imaging in tissues by RNA seqFISH+. Nature 568, 235–239 (2019)