Published December 20, 2018 | Version 1.1.1
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OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers 1.1

  • 1. Charles University, Czechia + euroCRIS
  • 2. 4Science, Italy + euroCRIS
  • 3. IS4RI, France + euroCRIS
  • 4. Bielefeld University, Germany + OpenAIRE


The Guidelines provide orientation for CRIS managers to expose their metadata in a way that is compatible with the OpenAIRE infrastructure. By implementing the Guidelines, CRIS managers support the inclusion and therefore the reuse of metadata in their systems within the OpenAIRE infrastructure. For developers of CRIS platforms, the Guidelines provide guidance to add supportive functionalities for CRIS managers and users. Exchange of information between individual CRIS systems and the OpenAIRE infrastructure is an example of point-to-point data exchange between CRIS systems, since the OpenAIRE infrastructure is itself a CRIS system.


OpenAIRE_Guidelines_for_CRIS_Managers v1.1.1.pdf

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