Published October 16, 2018 | Version 2.1
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SemFi - Finnish Semantic Database with Syntactic Relations

  • 1. University of Helsinki


SemFi is a semantic database for Finnish in which the words are linked to each other by the syntactic relations and their frequency in a big corpus.

SemFi is based on the syntactic bigrams of The Finnish Internet Parsebank provided by Turku University.

The semfi.db file is an SQLite database and it is the one that should be used. The is mainly intended for those who are interested in working with SemUr which is a translated version of SemFi.

The previous version of this dataset has successfully been used in the hard AI task of creating Finnish poetry automatically. That data still powers the computationally creative system, Poem Machine.

More information and an online UI to browse the data is available on

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Hämäläinen, Mika. (2018). Extracting a Semantic Database with Syntactic Relations for Finnish to Boost Resources for Endangered Uralic Languages. In The Proceedings of Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 15 (LENLS15)


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