Published July 22, 2024 | Version v1.3.2-8.19
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MetaCoq/metacoq: MetaCoq 1.3.2 for Coq 8.19


Release 1.3.2 of the MetaCoq project for Coq 8.19 is available both as source and through opam. See the website for a detailed overview of the project, introductory material and related articles and presentations, and the release notes for 1.3.1 for a summary of the changes w.r.t. previous versions.

The main changes in this new version w.r.t. v1.3.1 are:

What's Changed

  • Proof that reordering of constructors is correct by @mattam82 in This allows in particular to switch the representation of Coq booleans so that extracted code matches the ocaml representation of booleans, making interoperability with existing OCaml code easier.

  • Add the force (lazy t) evaluation rule to LambdaBox by @mattam82 in We verify that the evaluation rule is preserved by the verified transformations. In particular, this allows the coq-verified-extraction package and certicoq to support coinductive types and cofixpoints by interpreting lazy/force. The verification of the translation from cofixpoints to fixpoints + lazy/force is however still a work in progress.

Full Changelog:



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