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  • 1. International Institute of Christian Theologians Scholars and Professionals


Effective leadership has been a challenge in both Christendom and the secular world. This research work seeks to digest the impact effective leadership has on the growth and success of one’s ministry. The researcher will cite Apostle Paul’s leadership qualities and styles that made him successful. The study will capture relevant factors that contribute to effective leadership in general, what qualities individuals must possess to become effective leader in ministry and possible factors that could or have contribute(d) to the failure of some leaders in ministry during our time, and the need to apply Apostle Paul’s leadership style in 21st century. Life experiences as well as materials on leadership development have indicated that some leaders have sacrificed themselves for the success of what they do, whilst some have assumed that position to be served. This discomforts followers and they sometimes sabotage the leadership or rebel. Some ministries are struggling because of leadership challenges. Some of these challenges are due to misconception that leaders must be served and so tend to behave as demigods. whilst the foundational Apostles were servant leaders. The study seeks to tackle the following: what is effective leadership? How can a leader be effective in ministry and the impacts, how can leaders sharpen their leadership skills? How did Paul as a biblical figure manage his ministry as a leader? The researcher will use observation and interview method to establish his research. He concludes by enumerating the impact of effective leadership on ministry growth and also outline recommendations.


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