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Published March 1, 2018 | Version 0.1
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AmbiScaper example dataset

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AmbiScaper example dataset

The folder contains 100 annotated Ambisonics reverberant soundscapes created by AmbiScaper.

They might be useful for Blind Source Separation and Source Localization tasks, or just for pleasure.

Each soundscape has a duration of 5 seconds, and contains from 2 to 6 different sources, located at random positions. Sources are audio excerpts with a duration up to 2.5 seconds. 

Implementation details:

- Obtained with commit version 5a65ab25042d81baf2b6dfbd0dbea524d81a3021 (1st March 2018).

- Python 2.7.10, OSX 10.11.5

- AmbiScaper parameters as defined in ""

- The dataset used is a subset of the "Anechoic Audio Database@ from, and can be downloaded here


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