Published June 6, 2024 | Version v1
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DARE UK Phase 1 Driver Projects Public Involvement and Engagement Report


The DARE UK Driver Projects Phase 1 PIE Evaluation report presents the outcomes of a comprehensive post-delivery assessment of the five projects' Public Involvement and Engagement (PIE) activities and outputs. Conducted in collaboration with science communication agency, Enzyme Communications, this evaluation delves into the effectiveness and impact of engaging the public to inform key project activities and decisions throughout delivery.

The five DARE UK Driver Projects set out to revolutionise the processing, management, and dissemination of research findings derived from potentially sensitive data. These projects addressed various facets of data management with a unified goal: to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of sensitive data research while maintaining the principles of data security and privacy.

Given the focus on sensitive personal data, it was important for the research teams to engage with the public, understanding their perspectives and concerns. Through PIE activities, each project gained invaluable insights into public attitudes towards Trusted Research Environments (TREs) and the broader management of sensitive data. This feedback was instrumental in shaping the direction and implementation of the projects.

While the specifics of the PIE activities varied across the five projects, several common themes emerged. Key among these were the necessity for transparency, the importance of educating the public on technical terminology, ensuring the accessibility of information, and the ongoing commitment to outreach and public involvement as the projects continue to develop.

This report outlines the lessons learned and the public's input, underscoring the critical role of public involvement and engagement in advancing the field of sensitive data research.


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