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ChatGPT Manual: Applications in research and university education

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  • 2. ROR icon Arizona State University


This manual is used as teaching material in the ChatGPT courses by the authors, thus presenting two characteristics. Firstly, it serves to note down the different applications we think of or discover for ChatGPT in a basic manner. Secondly, it is in constant update based on the talks and courses we conduct. It is a text that can be considered almost informal, incomplete, and schematic, functioning as a catalog or vademecum.

The ultimate goal of the book, in addition to being a teaching resource, is to provide teachers with a positive view of ChatGPT, exploring all its possibilities to save time and improve our teaching and research tasks. To achieve this, links and ideas for creating prompts are offered. The content covers various aspects of academic life, such as scientific writing, data analysis, and project management. Additionally, specific examples of ChatGPT use in Documentation and Translation are included, and the creation of personalized GPT-Bots is addressed.

Characteristics of ChatGPT
Teaching Materials
Academic Reading and Writing
Project Development
Scientific Data Analysis
Tool Assistant
Scientific Dissemination
Administration and Management
Specific ChatGPT applications
Documentation and Libraries
Translation and Linguistics
Advanced Applications
GPT - Custom Bots


We use this group as a teaching supplement to our courses. Here, we informally note the applications of ChatGPT in academic and scientific contexts to later incorporate them into our manual -- LINK TO THE GROUP ♾️


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