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XML Data for "Four Early Chan Texts from Dunhuang - A TEI-based Edition"

  • 1. Temple University
  • 2. Chung-hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies


This zip archive contains the XML data, schema, stylesheets, and associated material that are the basis for a print edition of 48 Dunhuang manuscript witnesses of four early Chan Buddhist texts. The print edition is:

Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉, Chang Po-Yung 張伯雍 (eds.): Four Early Chan Texts from Dunhuang – A TEI-based Edition 早期禪宗文獻四部 —— 以TEI標記重訂敦煌寫卷:楞伽師資記,傳法寶紀,修心要論,觀心論. Taipei: Shin Wen Feng 新文豐, 2018.
(Vol. 1: Facsimiles and Diplomatic Transcription 摹寫版 (ISBN: 978-957-17-2274-0), Vol. 2: Parallel, Punctuated and Annotated Edition 對照與點注版 (ISBN: 978-957-17-2275-7), Vol. 3: Calligraphy Practice 抄經版 (ISBN:  978-957-17-2276-4).)

See the included README.txt for further information.


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