Published April 17, 2024 | Version v1
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Physicochemical and sensorial properties of tomato leathers at different drying conditions

  • 1. ROR icon Middle East Technical University
  • 2. Baskent University
  • 3. SELUZ Fragrance and Flavor Company


Tomato leather as a healthy alternative to traditional fruit leathers was formulated. A tray dryer with changing temperature (50, 60, and 70) and relative humidity (5%, 10%, and 20%) was used to achieve the best product in terms of color, water distribution, lycopene content, mechanical, and sensorial properties. Color change was the highest at 70 due to Maillard reaction. Lycopene content was also the highest at 70. TD-NMR relaxometry showed that water distribution of all samples was homogeneous and similar to each other. Processing conditions affected mechanical properties significantly. The highest tensile strength was observed at 70, possibly due to the denatured proteins. Sensory analysis indicated better flavor development at 70, whereas overall acceptability of samples was higher at 50. The results of this study showed the main processing parameters of tomato leather with a minimal amount of ingredients, with acceptable mechanical and sensorial properties.


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