Published January 27, 2024 | Version v1
Journal Open

Effects of Pre and Post Workout Nutrition on Muscle Growth in Adults with Resistance Training

  • 1. Department of Clinical Nutrition, UMT Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.


Background & Aim: There is a debate regarding pre and post workout meal impact on muscle building.  The objective of this research study was to find best nutrient timing to get the maximum lean muscle mass and lose fat mass in adult males with same type of resistance training.

Methodology: The sample size was 20 male adults aged 18 to 55 who perform resistance training from selected fitness centers in Lahore. The participants were divided into 2 groups i.e. Group a (control group): who consume balance diet throughout the day, Group B (experimental group): who consume balance diet but focus on pre and post workout meal. A self-structured questionnaire was used for the comparative study, which included questions about age, weight, height, analysis of body fat and analysis of skeletal muscle strength.

Results: Participants of both groups have nearly same reduction in body fat percentage but when in strength analysis the participant of control group have 19% improvement in 1 RPM while participants in experimental group have 40% improvement in 1RPM.

Conclusion: The pre and post workout meal showed better effect on increase in skeletal muscle mass through resistance training as the results indicated that the experimental group have more increase in 1RPM strength than the control group.



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