Published January 23, 2024 | Version v1
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Planetary Geology with MATISSE tool

  • 1. Space Science Data Center (SSDC)
  • 2. INAF/OAR
  • 3. ROR icon University of Pavia


This session will be dedicated to presenting our tool, MATISSE (Multi-purpose Advanced Tool for Instruments for the Solar System Exploration_, could represents a significant step forward in the research and analysis of planetary geological units.

MATISSE, developed to meet the growing needs of space and geological exploration, has been recently updated to include new features that allow users to identify and analyze specific geological units in selected areas. During the seminar, we will demonstrate how MATISSE it might make it easier a deeper understanding of the geological characteristics of various celestial bodies, through an intuitive interface that allows users to customize their searches and analyses.

The session will be enriched with practical examples, where we will explore the applications of MATISSE in the analysis of planetary surfaces.


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