Published December 5, 2023 | Version v1
Working paper Open

FDM4Ing Community Meeting CC-42: Introduction in RDM and using RDMO for your engineering projects

  • 1. ROR icon Technical University of Darmstadt
  • 2. ROR icon RWTH Aachen University


The NFDI4Ing Community Cluster CC-42 Meeting delved into research data management (RDM) and the application of RDMO in engineering projects. With key speakers Jürgen Windeck, Sabine Schönau, and Canan Hastik the online workshop attracted 30 diverse participants. The session emphasized the significance of data management plans (DMPs) using the NFDI4Ing RDMO tool. Three engineering projects from the Technical University of Darmstadt were presented, serving as case studies for RDMO applicability. The workshop highlighted varied needs within CC-42, revealing a call for improved RDMO support, clearer templates, and industry-specific considerations. The event laid groundwork for harmonization and standardization in application-related processes within the community.


Jürgen Windeck and Sabine Schönau would like to thank the Federal Government and the Heads of Government of the Länder, as well as the Joint Science Conference (GWK), for their funding and support within the framework of the NFDI4Ing consortium. Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) - project number 442146713.

Canan Hastik would like to thank for the funding and support within the framework of the DALIA project with the funding code 16DWWQP07A, funded by the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the funding measure from the EU's Capacity Building and Resilience Facility.




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