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Time-course imaging data of nematode embryos

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The following repository contains directories of segmented and cropped time-course image data in ome-zarr format, used for training, validation and testing of a classifier generated by training a ResNet-18 CNN to identify stages of nematode embryos. The associated publication can be found here. Please see our GitHub Repository for further documentation. The following metadata corresponds to each directory:

Date: Species, Strain, Perturbation

230719: C. elegans, DQM327, control (wild-type)

230817: C. elegans, N2, heat shock

231031: C. elegans, DQM327, control (0M NaCl) and osmotic shock (0.5M NaCl and 0.75M NaCl)

231012: O. tipulae, CEW1, wild-type

231013: C. portoensis, EG4788, wild-type


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Publication: 10.57844/arcadia-c021-e384 (DOI)