Published November 4, 2023 | Version 1.5
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HeLI-OTS 1.5

  • 1. University of Helsinki


HeLI off-the-shelf language identifier with language models for 200 languages.

In order to use the language identifier, you need only to download the HeLI.jar file which is used as follows.

java -jar HeLI.jar -r <infile> -w <outfile>

The program will read the <infile> and classify the language of each line as one of the 200 languages it knows
and writes the results, one ISO 639-3 code per line, into file <outfile>.

You can use the -c option to make the program print a confidence score for the identification after each language code.

java -jar HeLI.jar -c -r <infile> -w <outfile>

You can give the list of comma-separated ISO 639-3 identifiers for relevant languages after -l option.

java -jar HeLI.jar -r <infile> -w <outfile> -l fin,swe,eng

You can give the number of top-scored languages to print after the -t option.

java -jar HeLI.jar -r <infile> -w <outfile> -l fin,swe,eng -t 2

You can activate language set identification by -s. You must give the maximum number resulting languages after -s option. (overrides confidence and printing several top-scored languages)

java -jar HeLI.jar -r <infile> -w <outfile> -l fin,swe,eng -s 2

If you omit both of the filenames, the program will read the standard input one line at a time and write the result to standard output.

It can identify c. 2000 sentences (averaging c. 150 characters) per second from a file using one core and around 4,3 gigabytes of memory on a 2021 laptop.

If you use this program in producing scientific publications, please refer to: 
     title = "{H}e{LI-OTS}, Off-the-shelf Language Identifier for Text",
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 } includes the complete source code for the software.

Producing and publishing this software has been partly supported by the University of Helsinki, the Academy of Finland, the Kone Foundation, and the Finnish Research Impact Foundation Tandem Industry Academia -funding in cooperation with Lingsoft.


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