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Published October 23, 2023 | Version v3.5.0
Software Open


  • 1. UK Research & Innovation
  • 2. University College London
  • 3. King's College London
  • 4. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, and University of Queensland
  • 5. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)
  • 6. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


  • Temporarily disable CCPi-Regularisation due to #832
  • CMake/building:
    • default DISABLE_MATLAB to ON as SIRF Matlab support is out-of-date and enabling it could generate conflicts with Python shared libraries.
  • docker image updates
    • introduce REMOVE_BUILD_FILES variable. If set to 1 (which is the default), most build files will be removed in the docker image.
    • introduce RUN_CTESTS variable. If set to 1 (which is the default), the CTests will be run while building the image.
    • remove obsolete copying of gadgetron.xml
    • Installing requirements for SIRF-Exercises uses its environment.yml or requirements.txt depending on settings.
  • Build Gadgetron master. Requires new Ubuntu packages: libdcmtk-dev, libpugixml-dev, libgflags-dev, libssl-dev, libcurl4-openssl-dev, pkg-config, golang, libboost-coroutine-dev, libboost-context-dev, libboost-random-dev.
  • Added SuperBuild project dependencies for Gadgetron: range-v3, RocksDB, Date, mrd-storage-server
  • updated versions:
    • Gadgetron: 42f11bf14b77b16f1ca5bcfbfa435d5ee8cb22a6 (master)
    • RocksDB: 6.26.0
    • range-v3: 0.12.0
    • siemens_to_ismrmrd: 8bb8b08f53ce73c2de9ba5f47f1532f96292d92b
    • ISMRMRD: v1.13.2
    • SIRF: v3.5.0
    • CIL: v23.1.0
    • CCPi-Regularisation: v22.0.0
    • TomoPhantom: v2.0.0


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