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2015 Greek Referendum (#greferendum) tweets

Papastamkou, Sofia

This file provides the tweet identifiers of a dataset created after the July 5, 2015 Greek referendum. On July 5, 2015, Greek people were called to approve or reject the terms attached to the financial assistance provided by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Foundation during the ongoing debt crisis that hit the country since 2010. The rejection of the terms by a large majority (61,31%) fueled a crisis between European partners as the Greek government sought to obtain debt relief, whereas the only acceptable solutions for the country's creditors were either the continuation of the financial assistance under the same terms without debt relief or a Greek exit from the Eurozone. During the July 12 Eurozone Summit, the Greek government finally consented to a third financial assistance programme in exchange of harsh austerity measures and an extended privatization programme.     

The event was largely present in the social network sites. On Twitter, various hashtags emerged with #greferendum (contraction for "Greek referendum") being the most important. A sample of 204 713 tweets with the hashtag #greferendum were collected with NodeXL software from July 6 to July 16 2015. Thus, the dataset provides tweets produced in the aftermath of the Greek vote during the short period that led to a third financial assistance programme. This file contains the IDs of these tweets that can help recover full data and metadata through use of various applications (see for example the DocNow Hydrator application <>). 

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