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Continuous Wave Analysis of the NANOGrav 15-Year Dataset

The NANOGrav Collaboration

Data curator(s)
Joseph Glaser
Project leader(s)
Bence Bécsy; Neil J. Cornish

This repository contains the data used in the analysis detailed within "The NANOGrav 15-year Data Set: Bayesian Limits on Gravitational Waves from Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries" (DOI arXiv:2306.16222). It also provides instruction on how one could reproduce those results on their own.

  • jar folder: contains pickled enterprise pulsar objects that contain each pulsar's TOA data and timing model information
  • v1p1_all_dict.json: dictionary with measured white noise and red noise parameters for each pulsar - used to fix white noise parameters when running QuickCW
  • emp_dist_15yr_v1p1_bence_my_run_v4.3.pklenterprise_extension EmpiricalDistribution2D objects for the amplitude and spectral index of each pulsar's red noise - used to make informed red noise proposals when running QuickCW
  • pulsar_distances_15yr.pkl: dictionary containing 3 element list for each pulsar specifying its distance [kpc], statistical error of distance [kpc], and method of distance measurement [PX for parallax or DM for dispersion measure]
  • 15yr_quickCW_detection.h5: HDF5 file containing results from QuickCW detection runs (log uniform amplitude prior). Includes the following data:
    • MCMC samples (samples_cold)
    • log likelihood values corresponding to those samples (log_likelihood )
    • temperature ladder used for the parallel tempering (Ts)
    • names of parameters corresponding to each column in the samples array (par_names)
    • rate of different MCMC jumps being accepted (acc_fraction)
    • diagonal fisher matrix used for some proposals (fisher_diag)
  • 15yr_quickCW_UL.h5: Same as 15yr_quickCW_detection.h5 but for upper limits based on runs with uniform amplitude prior.
  • 15yr_cw_3d_limits_v4.npz: npz file containing limits as a function of frequency and sky location. Specifically it has the following arrays:
    • F_edges: array specifying the edges of the frequency bins
    • strain_limit_skies: 2D array containing the strain upper limits as a function of frequency bin and sky pixel
    • strain_limit_sky_sigmas: 2D array containing 1-sigma statistical errors on the strain upper limits
    • dist_limit_skies: 2D array containing the luminosity distance limits in Mpc as a function of frequency bin and sky pixel
    • dist_limit_sky_sigmas: 2D array containing 1-sigma statistical errors on the distance limits in Mpc
For a full authorship list, see the accompanying publication:
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