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Awasthi, Manas; Basaric, Helena; Conklin, Bruce R.; Evelo, Chris T.; Gao, Jianjiong; Gray, Alasdair; Hanspers, Kristina; Isaac, Ho; Kelder, Thomas; Kerber, Randy; Kutmon, Martina; Mélius, Jonathan; Nunes, Nuno; Pico, Alexander R.; Riutta, Anders; Slenter, Denise; Soiland-Reyes, Stian; Van Iersel, Martijn P.; Willighagen, Egon L.

Minor release that a few NullPointerExceptions in the QC tool, migrated the VoID tool into a separate module, add Prymnesium parvum and Skeletonema marinoi as new species, and removes to plugin for the discontinued Taverna.

The below examples assume you need just, and you can use it as template and modify to add other modules.

For Maven:


For Gradle:

compile group: 'org.bridgedb', name: '', version: '3.0.21'

For Ivy:

<dependency org="org.bridgedb" name="" rev="3.0.21"/>

For Buildr:


Full Changelog:

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