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EOOffshore: New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) Data for the Irish Continental Shelf Region

O'Callaghan, Derek; McBreen, Sheila

EOOffshore is a Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) funded project, which commenced in June 2020 in the School of Physics in University College Dublin (UCD). It presents a case study that demonstrates the utility of the Pangeo software ecosystem in the development of offshore wind speed and power density estimates, increasing wind measurement coverage of offshore renewable energy assessment areas in the Irish Continental Shelf (ICS) region. It has involved the creation of a new wind data catalog for this region, consisting of a collection of analysis-ready, cloud-optimized (ARCO) datasets featuring up to 21 years of available in situ, reanalysis, and satellite observation wind data products.

The New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) provides wind statistics covering onshore Europe, 100km offshore over European seas, and the complete North and Baltic Seas, based on 30 years of mesoscale simulations. These catalog data sets contain 2009-2018 products for the ICS region, provided by the NEWA Map Layers and Datasets website, featuring variables at multiple heights (metres above surface level). They were used in the EOOffshore project outputs presented (Scalable Offshore Wind Analysis With Pangeo) at the Meeting Exascale Computing Challenges with Compression and Pangeo 2022 EGU General Assembly session.

  • eooffshore_ics_newa_celticsea.zarr.tar.gz
    • Data set for a North Celtic Sea area of interest.
  • eooffshore_ics_newa_irishsea.zarr.tar.gz
    • Data set for an Irish Sea area of interest.
  • eooffshore_ics_newa_m3.zarr.tar.gz
  • eooffshore_ics_newa_m4.zarr.tar.gz

Description and example usage of the NEWA data sets in EOOffshore:

As requested by the NEWA Terms of use, the following attribution is declared:

  • Data [2009 - 2018] obtained from the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA), a free, web-based application developed, owned and operated by the NEWA Consortium. For additional information see www.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu.
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