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Chetan Arora; Mehrdad Sabetzadeh; Arda Goknil; Lionel C. Briand; Frank Zimmer

The evaluation material presented here is for WASP application, which is used for one of the case studies in this paper. WASP stands for Web Architectures for Services Platforms. More information about the project and the case study (change scenarios) can be found in this <a href="">Masters' Thesis.</a>

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WASP_ImpactSets.txt md5:4037ba81535196d4a9737ae7d2fce0e5 139 Bytes Download
WASP_Phrases.txt md5:571a07483f849ac0e7fe6cc752581172 4.1 kB Download
WASP_Propagation Conditions.txt md5:e74d470e64844b785038f5cfe1555a73 254 Bytes Download
WASP_Requirements.xlsx md5:2250dc3069991e918c42bc4a2d89baa2 12.4 kB Download
WASP_Results.xlsx md5:1e2631ca7ccdce51a0349bb36ba84466 18.5 kB Download
WASP_Words.txt md5:2276eebfc4d2e5509636f5ceabf3bb01 2.1 kB Download


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