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LIBER 2021 - Workshop: A shared future for open access books – exploring partnerships between libraries and publishers

Wennström, Sofie; Redhead, Claire; Eve, Martin Paul; Jobman, Alexandra; Siegert, Olaf; Stern, Niels

These are the slides from the LIBER 2021 Workshop: A shared future for open access books – exploring partnerships between libraries and publishers


The idea of a joint workshop between OASPA and LIBER came out of a long line of discussions at several conferences and events related to open access publishing. In a diverse landscape where workflows for Open Access for books are not always streamlined, recent work in the field suggests that there are still things to do to make it easier to publish and distribute OA books. One of the problems identified at a workshop during the 2019 LIBER conference was funding of OA books.
This workshop will bring together the library and publishing communities to review what the OA book landscape looks like today based on most recent data and explore areas of tension in terms of costs and funding for OA books, before examining some of the solutions and discussing future initiatives. Prominent voices within these communities, such as the online library OAPEN, the international COPIM project and the Enable OA project in Germany, will share their knowledge and participate in discussions on how a shared goal can be achieved.
OASPA shares LIBER’s goal of working towards an open access future, with members spanning open access journals and books, university presses, scholar-led publishers, as well as key organisations who provide supporting services and essential infrastructure for open access publishing.
Join this workshop if you are interested in learning more about how building better connections between libraries and publishers can benefit your organisation and enable a smoother transition to OA.

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Brief presentations by the invited organisations and a Q&A
  • Breakout Session collecting ideas/suggestions about OA books funding
  • Panel Discussion with the invited organisations
  • Summary & farewell
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