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Modifying aerosol emissions and GHG concentrations to reflect the impact of lockdown

Robin Lamboll

The code in this repository takes a set of data from input4mips ( and modification factors from to output netCDF files suitable for use after the pandemic. The modification factors are taken from the Priestly github data, which is assumed to be in a sister folder to this folder, entitled "COVID19_emissions_data". The input netcdf files are assumed to be in the "input" folder. The latest version of this code, and variations on it, can be found at

The files modified are as follows:

  • lat/longitude gridded aerosol/precursor emissions by grid location and sector,
    • will be modified by country activity levels
    • will have extra years interpolated (2019 as pre-intervention interpolation, 2021 as modified by the emissions blip, 2023 as modified by long-term behaviour)
    • requires the following files in "input/aerosols": "{}" for {} = BC, CO, NH3, NOx, NMVOC, OC, SO2
  • hemispheric and global well-mixed GHG emissions
    • will be modified only by global concentration levels
    • no interpolated years needed
    • requires the files in "input": "mole-fraction-of-{}" for {} = carbon-dioxide, methane, nitrous-oxide.
  • lat/long/altitude gridded aviation emissions for NOx.
    • will be modified by global flight level
    • will have extra years interpolated (2019 as pre-intervention, 2021 as continued emissions blip, 2022 as return to baseline, 2023 as baseline)
Version 5.1.0 updates the database to use historic data from the whole of 2020 and has minor bugfixes relating to emissions data on specific dates.
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