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Dataset from: Gravitational wave sources in our Galactic backyard - Predictions for BHBH, BHNS and NSNS binaries in LISA

Wagg, Tom; Broekgaarden, Floor; de Mink, Selma; Frankel, Neige; van Son, Lieke; Justham, Stephen

The data from all simulations used in "Gravitational wave sources in our Galactic backyard: Predictions for BHBH, BHNS and NSNS binaries in LISA"


    • Contains for .npy files that contain tables of the detections and total DCOs in Milky Way. These were calculated with this and this notebook and are included for convenience so you don't have to re-run these notebooks
    • Contains 60 .h5 files that contain the main simulations for a 4-year LISA mission. Each file contains the results for a single DCO type (BHBH, BHNS or NSNS) and model variation (20 variations) are labeled as {DCO_type}_{variation}_all.h5.
    • As but for a 10-year LISA mission
    • As but using a simple model for the Milky Way (discussed in Appendix D) and only for models A and F (hence only contains 6 .h5 files)

For a description of how to use these files to reproduce figures and results see the in the associated GitHub repository:

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