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Occurrence data from various smaller projects in Norway

Jørn Olav Løkken

Data manager(s)
Rukaya Johaadien
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Dag Endresen


Species occurrence data from Naturrestaurering AS smaller projects.

Temporal scope

  • 2011-current Formation period

Geographic scope

Occurrence data collected from projects where Naturrestaurering has been involved within Norway.

Taxonomic scope

Animals, plants, mosses, lichens, and fungi.



Study extent

Various species data collected by NaturRestaurering AS from a range of sites spanning the country of Norway in the period 2011 to the present.


There is no common protocol for these data. Most of these data are species occurrences or species lists recorded as a smaller part of inspections of areas to form a basis for sustainability analysis, impact assessments, or general evaluation of the biodiversity or natural values of an area.

Quality control

All species data are cross-checked against the "Species Nomenclature Database" from Artsdatabanken Norway to check the vernacularName and the scientificName, as well as check if these correlates. Then the scientificName is checked against the GBIF backbone taxonomy. All species occurrences where the scientificName and the vernacluarName do not match in the "Species Nomenclature Database", or there are other reasons to doubt the validity of the observation is removed from the dataset.

Method steps

Data is recorded in the field, either as an occurrence of a specific species or as a species list. - If necessary the data is converted into DarwinCore format. - The validity of all species occurrences is cross-checked against the "Species Nomenclature Database" ( and the "GBIF backbone taxonomy" ( using R. - The data is uploaded to the IPT of GBIF-Norway ( and published after quality control by GBIF-Norway.

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