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SkyNote Experiment

Angel David Blanco; Simone Tassani; Rafael Ramirez


Wav files from violin and voice obtained from beginner and expert violinists while performing a violin bowing exercise. This data corresponds to the study in process of publication in Frontiers in Psychology called 'Real-Time Sound and Motion Feedback for Violin Bow Technique Learning: A Controlled, Randomized Trial.'  by Angel David Blanco, Simone Tassani, and Rafael Ramirez in 2021.  

Each folder contains the information for each participant. The name of the folder is the ID of the participant.

ID of the participant ParticipantX_Group (Control Group = CG; Feedback Group = FG; Expert Group = EG, Equal-Timbre Group = AG)

Inside each folder we have three more folders:

pre: corresponds to the Baseline condition

feed: corresponds to the Acquisition condition

post: corresponds to the Transfer condition

Inside pre and post folders we find .wav files with the following name pattern:

NoteX_Sing_TrialY_(pitch or ref)


NoteX_TrialY_(pitch or ref)

As explained in Blanco et al. (2021, in process), in each condition each participant performed five violin exercises and sung five different notes. X is the number of each one of the notes. The added word Sing refers to those files containing the sung response. In addition, for each note, participants had two attempts (or trials). Y is the number of the trial. Finally, before each trial, participants heard a synthesized tone with the reference pitch they had to imitate. Those files with "ref" at the end correspond with the synthesized sound while those with "pitch" refer to the actual response of the participant. 

Inside the feed folder, we find .wav files with the following name pattern:

NoteX_GS: corresponds to the .wav file of the Acquisition-SQIC

NoteX_MC: corresponds to the .wav file of the Acquisition-KIC

NoteX_PV_pitch: corresponds to the .wav file of the Acquisition-PIC 

NoteX_PV_ref: corresponds to the .wav file of the reference sound (synthesized or violin/human voice) of the Acquisition-PIC

NoteX_Sing_PV_pitch: corresponds to the .wav file of the Acquisition-PVC

NoteX_TrialY_pitch: corresponds to the .wav file of one of the trials from the Acquisition-SIC 

NoteX_Sing_TrialY_pitch: corresponds to the .wav file one of the trials from the Acquisition-SIC 

NoteX_TrialX_ref: corresponds to the .wav file of the reference sound of the Acquisition-SIC



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