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Combining StarDist and TrackMate example 1 - Breast cancer cell dataset

Guillaume Jacquemet

Description: Contains a StarDist example training dataset, a test dataset, and the StarDist model generated using ZeroCostDL4Mic (see

Training dataset: 72 Paired microscopy images (fluorescence) and corresponding masks

Microscopy data type: Fluorescence microscopy (SiR-DNA) and masks obtained via manual segmentation (see for details about the segmentation)

Microscope: Spinning disk confocal microscope with a 20x 0.8 NA objective

Cell type: DCIS.COM Lifeact-RFP cells

File format: .tif (16-bit for fluorescence and 8 and 16-bit for the masks)

Image size: 1024x1024 (Pixel size: 634 nm)

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