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D3.1 Review of Social Science in Air Quality and Carbon Management FINAL REVISED April 2018

Tim Chatterton; Laura de Vito; Eva Csobod; Peter Szuppinger; Gabor Heves

D3.1 consists of a review of the current interaction between
social science and air quality and carbon management. It
consists of 5 main sections:
1: Results and conclusions from a formal literature review that
sought evidence on the extent and nature of social science
research relating to air pollution along with indications of its
uptake within policy;
2: A review of EU funded research and projects on air quality
management from the CORDIS database;
3: A review of a selection of air quality policy and plan
documents at a national and regional level;
4: An overview, examining the role of the citizen with regard to
air pollution from a practitioner point of view;
5: A second overview of the role of ‘civil society’ and nongovernmental
institutions within the air quality and carbon
management processes.

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