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tidybayes: Tidy Data and Geoms for Bayesian Models

Matthew Kay

  • Initial split of tidybayes into tidybayes and ggdist (#250). ggdist now contains all stats/geoms from tidybayes (except deprecated ones), all support functions for stats/geoms (such as point_interval()), vignette("slabinterval"), and vignette("freq-uncertainty-vis"). tidybayes retains all other functions, and re-exports all ggdist functions for now.
  • All stats and geoms now support automatic orientation detection (#257), following the new automatic orientation detection approach in ggplot2. If needed, this can be overridden using the existing orientation parameter.
    • All h-suffix geoms are now deprecated. The h-suffix geoms have been left in tidybayes and give a deprecation warning when used; they cannot be used from ggdist directly.
    • The h-suffix point_interval() functions are also deprecated, since they are not needed in tidybayes nor in ggplot2::stat_summary().
    • geom_interval(), geom_pointinterval(), and geom_lineribbon() no longer automatically set the ymin and ymax aesthetics if .lower or .upper are present in the data. This allows them to work better with automatic orientation detection (and was a bad feature to have existed in the first place anyway). The deprecated tidybayes::geom_intervalh() and tidybayes::geom_pointintervalh() still automatically set those aesthetics, since they are deprecated anyway (so supporting the old behavior is fine in these functions).
  • geom_lineribbon()/stat_lineribbon() now supports a step argument for creating stepped lineribbons (#249). H/T to Solomon Kurz for the suggestion.
  • ggdist now has its own implementation of the scaled and shifted Student's t distribution (dstudent_t(), qstudent_t(), etc), since it is very useful for visualizing confidence distributions. That is re-exported in tidybayes as well`.
  • All deprecated functions and geoms now throw deprecation warnings (previously, several deprecated functions did not).

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