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Datasets for "Automatic Design of Mechanical Metamaterial Actuators"

Bonfanti, Silvia; Guerra, Roberto; Font-Clos, Francesc; Rayneau-Kirkhope, Daniel; Zapperi, Stefano


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Figure 2:

  • antiparallel_{human,machine}_design.stl: STL files for human design and machine design configurations performing antiparallel movement.

Figure 3: 

  • crane_scaling_dataframe.csv: raw efficiency values and execution times used to generate Figure 3

Figure 4:

  • eta_random.dateta_triang.dat, plot_distrib.gnupot: raw values of efficiency and gnuplot script used to generate Figure 4 panel d
  • eta_vs_displ_random.dateta_vs_displ_triang.dat, eta_vs_displ.gnuplot: raw values of efficiency and gnuplot script  used to generate Figure 4 panel c
  • structures.tar.bz2: all the structures relative to Figure 4 panel d, in a format suitable for visualization with ovito software

Figure 5:  data files for human and machine generated pairs of pliers in a format suitable for visualization with ovito software.  "*.agr" and "*.data" files can be opened with any text editor to directly visualize the raw data.  

  • * rest configurations which are represented in grey in Fig. 5a and Fig. 5b. 
  • * displaced configurations with input force Fext = 0.01 and output spring stiffness kext = 0.01, also reported in Fig. 5a and Fig. 5b.
  • *.agr: dataset for Figure 5c and 5d in xmgrace format.

Figure 6:

  • Fig6/Fig6b/*.csv: raw values of efficiency used to generate Figure 6 panel b
  • Fig6/Fig6c-training-data/*/*.png: a total of 1.163.733 PNG images, of size 192 x 168 pixels, as described in the methods section of the manuscript, organized in directories corresponding to different runs.
  • Fig6/Fig6c-training-data/metadata.csv: maps each image path to its associated efficiency value
  • Fig6/Fig6c-efficiency-data/eta_{CNN,DEM}.txt: raw values of efficiency used to generate Figure 6 panel c.

Figure 7:

  • Fig7/transfer_learning_regression_values.csv: full raw data, including regression coefficients, p-values, slopes and intercepts corresponding to Figure 7 panels i and j

Figure S3:

  • orthogonal_{human,machine}_design.stl: STL files for human design and machine design configurations performing orthogonal movement.


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