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Dispositivos de enunciación del film-ensayo español contemporáneo. Evolución de la subjetividad ensayística y su pensamiento en acto / Enunciative Devices of the Contemporary Spanish Essay Film. Evolution of the Essayistic Subjectivity and its Thinking in Act

Monterrubio Ibáñez. Lourdes

This article analyzes the enunciative devices of the contemporary essay film in Spain. It studies the most significant works, analyzing their textual enunciative devices and their different functions: voice-over, voice-in, subtitles, intertitles, and the disappearance of the text. It also analyzes the relationship between these devices and intermedial forms (the diary, the letter, the self-portrait), audio-visual materials (the author’s own filming, found footage, animation, photography, painting, etc.) and the rhetorical elements used (juxtaposition, black image, fade, overprint, deceleration, split screen, etc.). It concludes that the contemporary Spanish essay film generates a progressive deconstruction of essayistic subjectivity through procedures associated with the enunciative devices analyzed—fictionalization, subtraction, deautomatization, objectification, deintensification, decentering and erasure—which oscillate between the poles of rational and emotional reflection.

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