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Pseudo Target Pixel Files for K2 TRAPPIST-1 raw data

Barentsen, Geert; Barclay, Thomas

The Kepler/K2 mission observed the newfound planet system TRAPPIST-1 using a 11x11 short-cadence mask with EPIC ID 200164267 from Dec 15th, 2016, through Mar 4th, 2017. To help the community explore this target, the Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office at NASA Ames reformatted the raw data into a pseudo Target Pixel Files using the Kadenza tool (

Important information about the raw data caveats is provided on the Guest Observer Office blog (

Files (48.1 MB)
Name Size
k2-trappist1-unofficial-tpf-long-cadence.fits.gz md5:d4f443c9d4392194b45cca5af3c0f30c 2.1 MB Download
k2-trappist1-unofficial-tpf-short-cadence.fits.gz md5:4713ee1a41b315739e4f19d6137dd91c 45.3 MB Download
trappist1-mask.gif md5:a980e85cd74ef7b5a4b5af4f542f3eb8 456.2 kB Download
trappist1-quicklook-lightcurve.png md5:0693687564ba7b147d924a2e9799896f 49.3 kB Download
trappist1-quicklook-planets.png md5:215e4134c582d19c8b05551094b07bc2 81.2 kB Download


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