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D4.2 First version of the experimental portal and service handbook

Jonathan Almodóvar Herreros; Ginés García Avilés; Jaime García Reinoso; Carlos Guimaraes; Winnie Nakimuli; Cristina Quintana Jordán; Pablo Serrano Yáñez-Mingot; Giada Landi; Juan Brenes; Francesca Moscatelli; Elian Kraja; Giacomo Bernini; Ramón Pérez; Grzegorz Panek

The first release of the 5G EVE Portal is a major milestone in the 5G EVE end-to-end facility implementation roadmap. This first version of the Portal provides important services to all actors involved in 5G-EVE experi-mentation. One important decision taken by the 5G EVE project is to open its interfaces to other projects, but this has implications in the design and implementation of the Portal. Thus, the 5G EVE Portal architecture has been designed to provide services through a backend layer, which can be consumed by the graphical user inter-face implemented and offered by the 5G EVE projects. Furthermore, these services may be used by other au-thorised projects too. This document, building on deliverable D4.1, contains the details about the 5G EVE Portal, including its con-stituent components, all interfaces connecting these modules as well as the APIs offered by the backend towards other projects and experimenters. Apart from the integration of the components already presented in D4.1, this deliverable also offers some details of new elements, and how they interact with others. The 5G EVE project pays special attention to security aspects, so the central component of the backend layer is the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) component. All other components in the backend have to authenticate and authorize all requested actions using this compo-nent. For example, the Portal Catalogue Service only responses to authorized users about the content included in its databases; the Data Visualization tool restricts the access to metrics to authorized users too, etc. The Experiment Lifecycle Manager centralizes the most important actions related with the lifecycle of an experiment such as its preparation, execution and finalization, and it is precisely defined in this document. Finally, the File Storage component is described in this document as well. The main service provided by this component is to allow the uploading and downloading of VNF packages, which have to be onboarded by site managers. Last but not least, this deliverable provides a service handbook to all actors involved in a 5G experiment using the E2E facility provided by the 5G EVE project. The handbook presents an overview of all phases related with an experiment, from the design stage to the execution of an experiment, the actors involved in each step, the components of the graphical interface intended to implement each step and how to implement each task.

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