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Dataset Open Access

Libraries.io Open Source Repository and Dependency Metadata

Jeremy Katz

What is in this release?

In this release you will find data about software distributed and/or crafted publicly on the Internet. You will find information about its development, its distribution and its relationship with other software included as a dependency. You will not find any information about the individuals who create and maintain these projects.

Further information and documentation on this data set can be found at https://libraries.io/data

For enquiries please contact data@libraries.io

This dataset contains seven csv files:


A project is a piece of software available on any one of the 34 package managers supported by Libraries.io.


A Libraries.io version is an immutable published version of a Project from a package manager. Not all package managers have a concept of publishing versions, often relying directly on tags/branches from a revision control tool.


A tag is equivalent to a tag in a revision control system. Tags are sometimes used instead of Versions where a package manager does not use the concept of versions. Tags are often semantic version numbers.


Dependencies describe the relationship between a project and the software it builds upon. Dependencies belong to Version. Each Version can have different sets of dependencies. Dependencies point at a specific Version or range of versions of other projects.


A Libraries.io repository represents a publically accessible source code repository from either github.com, gitlab.com or bitbucket.org. Repositories are distinct from Projects, they are not distributed via a package manager and typically an application for end users rather than component to build upon.

Repository dependencies

A repository dependency is a dependency upon a Version from a package manager has been specified in a manifest file, either as a manually added dependency committed by a user or listed as a generated dependency listed in a lockfile that has been automatically generated by a package manager and committed.

Projects with related Repository fields

This is an alternative projects export that denormalizes a projects related source code repository inline to reduce the need to join between two data sets.


This dataset is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.

This licence provides the user with the freedom to use, adapt and redistribute this data. In return the user must publish any derivative work under a similarly open licence, attributing Libraries.io as a data source. The full text of the licence is included in the data.

Access, Attribution and Citation

The dataset is available to download from Zenodo at https://zenodo.org/record/2536573.

Please attribute Libraries.io as a data source by including the words ‘Includes data from Libraries.io, a project from Tidelift’ and reference the Digital Object identifier: 10.5281/zenodo.3626071

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