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seabbs/getTBinR: 0.6.0 CRAN Release (including 0.5.8 dev release)

Sam Abbott; Arfon Smith

getTBinR 0.6.0 Feature updates
  • Added a new summarise_metric function to the package. This function was previously used internally by the TB report. For a given year it returns the value of given metric, along with the regional and global rankings. The average change over the last decade is also supplied. Linked to #57.
  • search_data_dict can now be used to search for a dataset by name. All variables in this dataset are then returned.
  • Added a new dataframe, available_datasets, that lists the datasets available to be imported into R using the package. This dataframe also gives a short description of each dataset, details the timespan of the dataset, and whether or not it is downloaded by default. Used by get_tb_burden as a URL source for downloading the datasets. Linked to #58.
  • get_tb_burden can now import additional datasets (listed in available_datasets), clean them, and then link them with the core dataset. This adds over 400 new variables to the package and provides a near complete list of data used in the WHO Tuberculosis global report. Please open an issue if you find an issue with this dataset.
Package updates
  • Jumped to 0.6.0 to signal a major release.
  • Updated earliest supported R version based on travis testing - now 3.3.0.
  • Added the JOSS paper as the preferred citation for getTBinR and also added this information to the README.
  • URL and data save names have been deprecated from all functions and will be removed in a future release. This allows the number of arguments for many functions to be reduced with no loss of functionality (as data is only saved temporally by package functions).
  • search_data_dict has improved messaging and no longer returns an error when nothing is found in the data dictionary. From #65.
  • search_data_dict has expanded testing to account for new dataset searching and for failing to find results. Linked to #60.
  • Dropped usage of dplyr::funs as soft deprecated.
  • Added tests for summarise_metric and added to documentation.
  • Added tests for additional dataset import in get_tb_burden. #58
  • Added available_datasets and new data import to the README and to the getting started vignette.
getTBinR 0.5.8 Package updates
  • Added package information to license file - suggested during review for JOSS submission by @rrrlw.
  • Updated README introduction to better explain package aim - suggested during review for JOSS submission by @strengejacke
  • Improved package DESCRIPTION for CRAN only users - suggested during review for JOSS submission by @rrrlw.
  • Used usethis::use_tidy_description to improve DESCRIPTION formatting.
  • Added development documentation badge to the README + website.
  • Moved to automated pkgdown deployment using travis. Based on this and the dplyr implementation.
  • Expanded travis testing grid based on dplyr implementation.
  • Updated earliest supported R version based on travis testing - now 3.2.0.
  • Used usethis::use_tidy_versions() to set package to dependent on package versions used during development work. Added this to makefile to make automated.
  • Added a git commit step to the Makefile use with `make message="your commit message". This will automatically run all build steps that are required and then commit any changes.
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