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Evaluation of Energy Cost Index for an Electric Vehicle Motor Over a Particular Drive Cycle with Recycled Magnet Concept

Upadhayay, Pranshu; Garcia, Adolfo G.; Li, Ziwei; Jha, Amit K.; Rasmussen, Peter O.; Kedous-Lebouc, Afef; Mipo, Jean-Claude

Nowadays, in automotive applications, the electric vehicle motors generally utilize permanent magnet motors due to their various advantages like high torque density, high efficiency, compactness and ease of control. In this paper emphasis is given to the evaluation of energy cost index for an EV motor over a particular drive cycle during motors operational lifetime. Performance evaluation over the entire drive cycle, instead of at rated conditions, provides a better idea of the efficiency and energy consumption of an electric motor. Therefore, energy cost evaluation for the urban part of New European Driving Cycle i.e. ECE-15 is selected in this study and the energy cost index is evaluated for an EV motor for virgin and recycled magnets utilized in the machine. The comparison shows that utilizing recycled magnets can provide economical advantage over using virgin magnets albeit under certain assumptions.

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