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Cognitive chimera states in human brain networks

Kanika Bansal; Javier O Garcia; Steven H Tompson; Timothy Verstynen; Jean M. Vettel; Sarah F Muldoon

Data and script associated with the research article titled "Cognitive chimera states in human brain networks".

Region names in the 'Data.mat' file below are as follows (R and L signify left and right hemisphere respectively):  L lateral orbitofrontal, L superior parietal, R lateral orbitofrontal, R superior parietal, L superior temporal, L transverse temporal, R superior temporal, R transverse temporal, L caudal anterior cingulate, L pars opercularis, L pars orbitalis, L rostral anterior cingulate, L rostral middle frontal, L supramarginal, R caudal anterior cingulate, R pars opercularis, R pars orbitalis, R rostral anterior cingulate, R rostral middle frontal, R supramarginal, L caudal middle frontal, L inferior parietal, L medial orbitofrontal, L pars triangularis, L insula, R caudal middle frontal, R inferior parietal, R medial orbitofrontal, R pars triangularis, R insulaL isthmus cingulate, L posterior cingulate, L precuneus, L superior frontal, R isthmus cingulate, R posterior cingulate, R precuneus, R superior frontal, L paracentral, L postcentral, L precentral, R paracentral, R postcentral, R precentral, L thalamus, L caudate, L putamen, L pallidum, L hyppocampus, L amygdala, L accumbens, R thalamus, R caudate, R putamen, R pallidum, R hyppocampus, R amygdala, R accumbens, L entorhinal, L fusiform, L inferior temporal, L middle temporal, L parahippocampal, R entorhinal, R fusiform, R inferior temporal, R middle temporal, R parahippocampal, L cuneus, L lateral occipital, L lingual, L pericalcarine, R cuneus, R lateral occipital, R lingual, R pericalcarine
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